Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of growth and development in any field of specialization. The countries with better and higher levels of skilled professionals adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of globalization. A basic problem with our skill development system is that it is non-responsive to the demands of the market. The demand and supply mismatch on several counts : number, quality and skill types. It is even more so in the field of sports.

Therefore, in order to develop the skills of our youth in various fields, directly or indirectly related to sports, the Institute has started more than twenty Skill Development Courses with the following objectives:

  • To provide skill development vocational training to school leavers, existing sports coaches, experts, physical education teachers etc. to improve their employability by optimally utilizing the infrastructure available in Government, private institutions and the sports Industry.
  • To build capacity in the area of sports development of competency standards, course curriculum, learning material and assessment standards in the country.

Priority will be given to the candidates covering the age from 18 to 45 years to enable them to learn employable skills in order to get gainful employment. The details of kill Development Courses, which are conducted periodically is available at following Link.

Admission Notice : Skill Development Courses at SAI NSEC, Kolkotta

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